Recipe •PEAK WHISKY-------2oz. •YUZU ​BASE -------- 1 oz. •NIGORI SAKE---- 2.5 oz. •YUZU JUICE --few drops •LEMON JUICE -few drops •Lemon Ring

Combine all ingredients except your garnish in a Boston shaker. Dry shake for 30 seconds, add ice and shake vigorously for about a minute. Double strain into a chilled glass and garnish with the lemon strip.


PEAK Japanese Whisky

In the Yoro area of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, there is a legend wherein a flowing waterfall transformed into rich, flavorful sake. Peak Whisky is a handcrafted blend born from this pure Japanese spring water, grain and imported malt. This whisky is highly aromatic and a rich and rounded taste from storing in sherry barrels. The distillery, Gyokusendo Shuzo also specialize in sake, shochu, mirin, liqueurs and other spirits.