Recipe •CORCOR---2.5 oz. •YUZU JUICE--0.25oz. •RED SHISO SYRUP--0.25oz. •SHISO SYRUP --0.25 oz.

The Neon (an original mixture of fresh bright yuzu juice, red and green shiso syrups, and funky, rich Okinawan rum) will delight customers with a natural bright-pink hue and a unique, energizing flavor.


P U R P L E   &   G R E E N
Shiso (perilla) Syrups

The Hudson Valley Shiso Farm is located in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Hudson Valley. They use natural farming techniques to nurture the Shiso plants; and they do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Their Shiso Syrups have a unique sweetened botanical flavor which is derived from a traditional Japanese recipe. These Shiso Syrups can be added to water, club soda, ginger ale, cola, or teas. Mix it with sake or wine or be creative and add your Shiso Syrup to gin, vodka, tequila, or whiskey to make an original cocktails!

#20500.99 RED SHISO 25/16oz.
#20501.99 GREEN SHISO 25/16oz.

Japanese Whisky

Where mass-produced rums use only the leftovers following the sugar refining process Grace Rum uses “cream of the crop” fresh sugarcane to form the foundation of their spirits, resulting in a distinct taste and bouquet found nowhere else. Cor Cor Red is made by first converting their locally harvested sugarcane into molasses. The molasses is then distilled once to preserve as much flavor as possible. Aromatic, full flavored and potent this rum is a wildly fresh and compelling agent for any daiquiri-style drink.

#435 COR COR RED 12/750ml (80pf)